Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lyrics: Hearts Courageous

Give us ears to hear that still, small voice,
And give us lips, forever willing to rejoice.
And may our eyes be lit with wisdom,
May we know the path that's true,
And we'll march with hearts courageous after You.

Chorus: We're marching on with hearts courageous,
We'll follow where you want us to.
And should you lead us where the battle rages,
Let us march with hearts courageous, after You.

And when sorrow dims the light along our way,
Help us to see each time of darkness through eyes of faith,
A time for hope, a time for courage,
Knowing you will lead us through.
And let us march with hearts courageous, after You.


  1. This song truly evokes meditation and commitment to fighting the Christian warfare and overcoming in Jesus. It's simply beautiful. It expresses exactly what I desire- to march courageously after Jesus my Army General.

  2. Amen. General Jesus is our commander, mighty warrior. This song too evokes hope in me, especially when things are going haywire, in tandem with james 1:3 that the trial of your faith worketh patience.

    This song also reminds me of david's mighty men, especially eleazar son of dodai and the 3 of the 30 chiefs in 1chronicles 11, who in the thick of the battle, where the battle raged for the field of barley, took their stand, and though the battle was fierce that day, the lord granted a mighty salvation!

  3. Amen. Let us say: "Lord, we'll march with hearts courageous after you".

  4. This song speaks directly to my heart to remain strong and courageous in whichever battle we face in our Christian walk and we carry our cross and follow Christ Jesus.

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  6. After so many years, I still enjoy the power of this song! Great and blessed.